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What do we need from you?

We need a strong membership foundation to ensure our voices are heard in large numbers.

We need your ideas for small open spaces on the site, which will increase public domain thereby reducing the number of housing units

We will need volunteers to help distribute leaflets and chat over the fence. 

When the time comes, we need everyone to write letters of objection (we can provide guidance on this).

Read the planning documents on our Documents and Links page and pick over RE’s Masterplan.

We would welcome any of our members who have knowledge in planning, green/ecology, design, communications/media etc to please let us know so we can harness this.

We would like to hear from any businesses happy to provide printing facilities, knowledge or finance for BRAG.  

What do you need to do now!
  • Fill in the Join Us form so we can keep you updated on news and developments

  • Agree to receive emails 

  • Join us at organised meetings

  • Tell us what you can offer, even if it is only moral support.

The bigger our membership, the more serious Richborough Estates and Runnymede Borough Council will take us.

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