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Meeting with Councillors

BRAG met with councillors last Friday and gave a presentation on the issues that we feel are still outstanding on the design of the application for the housing development on Ottershaw East see here

From our last meeting with Vistry, they had hoped that they would be at planning committee stage by now and start build next year. However there has been a delay due to issues with the SANG not signed off with the Environmental Agency (You may have received a recent communication from planning about an amendment to the SANG application RU.22/0479). Therefore we do not yet have a date as to when this will come to committee. In the meantime, if you have not yet put in a letter of objection, then please do so. You can put in multiple objections for RU22./0454 from all your family members. Please use the presentation or our objection list to help you. Don't forget to add your email address and send to

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