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Otter Roundabout Update

The Ottershaw Roundabout - Design and Meeting

Surrey County Council (SCC) Councillor Jonathan Hulley has organised a public meeting with SCC officials to present the revised designs for the Ottershaw Roundabout on October 13th at 7pm – 8pm with an opportunity for the public to ask questions about the design. Due to lingering concerns in respect of public health, it has been decided the meeting will have to take place online. We are pleased to announce that BRAG and other Ottershaw groups have been invited to give comment at this meeting also. When BRAG are given the joining details, we’ll be able to share them with you or alternatively please send your details to this address to register your interest and you will be sent a link to the meeting: SCC have decided that the revised design will be put in the public domain, week commencing 11th October due to this being the earliest date they could arrange the leaflets to be delivered to residents. SCC believe it is important to present the design with an explanation of how it was developed and the reasons for changes. We have asked that a digital version of the leaflet be made available earlier than the 11th which we have offered to share, to give residents more time to digest the information before the call on the 13th. We did also suggest an in person meeting also be available for those not on the internet, but we have not been given any indication this will happen. In light of the current information, BRAG have been given permission to share the design on the 11th October on our social media platforms and member newsletter.

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