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We need your letters of objection

Vistry have sent in a set of amended plans which are now out to consultation. Very little has changed especially around the main issues regarding.


  • Poor contextual relationships and high density around the NW/SW border with existing properties such as parking courts and apartment blocks

  • Minimal green infrastructure

  • Minimal sustainability towards climate change

  • Identikit typical volume builder housing styles

  • Not enough parking

We need you to send your letters of objection into RBC. As many as possible. We have prepared a list of objections and you can make your own letter up by copying and pasting the points across. Alternatively we have produced 3 template letters for you to choose from. Please try and vary your letters and throw in a few comments of your own as it is more impactful for the planning officers to see letters in varying styles.

Go to the objections page on our website click here

They will accept letters up until planning officers report has been written.

The final decision makers are our councillors on the planning committee so don't forget to copy them in.

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