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A320 Otter Roundabout

Infrastructure improvements on A320 Otter roundabout are required to allow 7 sites released from the Green Belt to deliver 3,687 new homes allocated in the 2030 Local Plan.  See details here.

If you have any comments/objections, please write to SCC planning at:

The Ottershaw roundabout application is now (10.01.21) formally recorded as a decision for the Surrey Planning Committee, however you can still submit your comments before the committee sit and make their decision

Current Draft Design November 2021

Arcadis Layout .jpg

Like many residents, BRAG would prefer that there was no roundabout upgrade but this is not an option. The only thing left is to fight for the least damaging result and try to get concessions such as improving pedestrian crossings, cycleways, add trees, additional green space for the village. Improve landscaping and reduce rat running.

The original design was the one shown top right. BRAG carried out a survey to ask residents about their preferences. The most popular alternative was the one shown below right.

Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 20.22.32.png

SCC's original design

BRAG believes that the advantages of this design over SCC's is that:

  • Moves the island further away from the village hall

  • Encloses the car park and adds an open space (village green ?) with a short bypass around the village

  • Provides a better buffer for the residents on Murray Road

  • Provides plenty of scope for landscaping of the 2 islands with trees and shrubs.

  • Makes Brox road less appealing as a rat run for access to A320 by creating a more circuitous route

BRAG suggestiion_edited.jpg

BRAG's suggested design

BRAG presented our findings to the SCC highways designers. Along with strong negotiations by colleagues from our sister local residents associations, with thanks to Mike Freshney of OWARA and our councillors, SCC have now produced the latest design based on these representations which is shown below


This design takes on board many of the design suggestions that our residents favoured in the survey

The now increased capacity car park is enclosed by a short bypass loop taking the traffic to Addlestone away from the roundabout. The main traffic island is moved North/East away from the village and a green buffer will reduce noise and fumes. The "dog leg" loop addition to Brox Road will reduce the appeal of using the village as an alternative route from Woking to M25 and reduce rat running through Slade Road.


Comments/objections can be sent to Surrey County Council at:

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