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Who are BRAG ?

A group of Ottershaw residents with a specific interest in the pending development where Richborough Estates plan to build 220 dwellings known as 'Ottershaw East' to some, and Brox Road Nursery to others.

Several other groups exist in Ottershaw and whilst they all take an interest in the Ottershaw East development, it is not their main focus.  BRAG aims to build a strong membership base and keep our members and the residents of Ottershaw informed. BRAG intends to highlight where development does not comply with policies on density and design. We will liaise closely with the other Ottershaw groups, councillors and Runnymede council to reduce the worst effects of this proposed development


The BRAG Story

When we received a leaflet through our doors, little did many of us believe what we held in our hands.  Its finally coming.  


Richborough Estates (RE) has acquired the site of Brox Road Nursery, referred to as Ottershaw East (OE) in the 2030 local plan. The masterplan is available to see here:

A group of residents bordering the site felt a cathartic group chat was needed one evening via zoom to see if there is anything we could do. 

After speaking with local groups and councillors, a decision (that was not taken lightly!) was made that it would be in the best interest of the community to form a residents association that focused specifically on the Ottershaw East development. BRAG was created!


BRAG aims to do this by:

  1. Building a strong member foundation 

  2. Keeping people informed about the what's going on regarding the development.

  3. Putting forward constructive challenges about the plans if they do not adhere to the design policies outlined by RBC. 

We want to help give everyone the same level of knowledge about the development and the same opportunity to have their voice heard.  

There are many aspects to the plans and policies we will need to look through. By being a community network of knowledge, we believe we will be able to channel our efforts and negotiate successfully with RE by making constructive suggestions. We need to ensure highways, security, ecology and other aspects are all thoroughly considered.

Want to do more?  We are looking for helpers to do infrequent tasks such as deliver leaflets – please mention if you would like to help in these tasks when completing your membership form on the Join Us page
Lend us your skills – We want to utilise BRAG members skills.   Please share with us any skills you are willing to lend when completing your membership form on the Join Us page. 

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