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What can we do?

  • Reduce the density of planned dwellings to reflect the reduced size of the plot.

  • Ensure that RE complies with the highest design standards outlined in RBC’s policies.

  • Planners want to hear objections based on fact - so those that align to policies ("The Rule Book"). We will work through the policies and provide members with key objection points.   If you want to add in personal objections such as loss of view - then do, but unfortunately, they are unlikely to take these into account.

Can’t we just stop it completely?

No. That ship has sailed. The local plan has been legally adopted. We can now only influence the density, layout and design

How can we reduce the impact?

Use Runnymede’s own supplementary policies to ensure RE and the planners are fair to existing and future residents. This is the only strategy left to reduce the density

When will they actually start building?

Vistry have now bought the land from Richborough the original land promotor.  Vistry has withdrawn the original Richborough application and will no doubt wish to make their own design and submission which will take time. They are likely to build on the surveys and works already undertaken for the original application but they will also have to start their own surveys and designs which will take time. Another factor which will impact timings is the A320 works.  The A320 works funding runs out in 2024.  The developers will be limited to the number of dwellings (if any) they are allowed to sell before these works are complete due to the need to improve local infrastructure.  Although RE state they consider work would start 2022, it is for the above reasons we would anticipated that work will not commence until at least nearer to 2023-24.  But this is a very rough estimate based on the information to date.

Why do we need (yet) another Ottershaw Residents group?

Ottershaw Neighbourhood Forum (ONF), OWAIRA, Ottershaw Society take an interest in OE, it is not their main agenda. BRAG as an action group can focus entirely on the Ottershaw East development.  Please see 'Other Ottershaw Groups' for more information on the groups mentioned.

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