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Ottershaw Neighbourhood Forum


The Ottershaw Neighbourhood Forum's purpose is to create and develop a Neighbourhood Plan to shape the future of our Village. The ONF are already engaging with Surrey County Council in the planning process on behalf of its Ottershaw members and are making representations on your behalf.  Your views on this topic are welcomed.



The Ottershaw and West Addlestone Residents Association has been formed with the intention to collect the views and opinions of all interested residents in the ward. Seeks to improve accountability within Runnymede Borough Council and Surrey County Council and supports independent councillors. They work outside party political constraints to get the best representation for residents.

Ottershaw Society   

ottershaw society.jpg

Interested in the historical and natural landscape of Ottershaw village and its development within the broader environment that impacts on our village.

The Society takes an interest in all planning applications affecting the village the immediate area and will often reports on traffic and infrastructure issues.

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