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BRAG have appointed an expert to help

BRAG have secured the services of a chartered town planner to help our case. He will be working on an objection letter for us which will speak in the language of planning and knows his way around the myriad policies and documents. The disadvantage that residents have is that we are not good at making "material" objections based on policies (the rule book). Our planner has 25 years experience and has worked as a government planning inspector deciding on appeals.

This will mean that we now have some expertise and can argue our case on the same level as the developer. However keep your letters coming with your own objections because Surrey councillors will be sitting on the planning committee and making the final decision. They must hear your voice.

BRAG will be publishing our list of objections in the next 24 hours for you to see. You will be able to cut and paste across as many of those points as you wish

Send your objection letters quoting RU.22/0454 to

visit our website for more info

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